Our Story

In 2014, our founders Taeman and Davide envisioned a recruitment agency driven by ethics, enthusiasm and equality. They built 360 Talent in this image; through positive professional relationships, based on trust and honesty. These core values are at the foundation of the business and have paved the way for our success in delivering the highest quality services for our clients and candidates.

Our Values

We have five company and employee values that constitute the core groundings of our optimal working partnerships.

The 360 Talent team identified these strengths and behaviours to illustrate the most important credentials for a prosperous and harmonious working environment for our candidates, clients, and employees alike.

Upholding our core values is our proven method of success.

Meet The Team

Recruitment Careers at 360

360 Talent are made up of a diverse team of specialist recruiters across our UK, Europe, Middle East & North America divisions. We are a family, and we believe in progression and development for all our employees to ensure individual and collective success.
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